Massage Therapy & Reflexology for Health, Stress Relief and Rehabilitation

Founder, Nico Austin is recognised as a pioneering practitioner and teacher of complementary therapies and reflexology. Following years of extensive experience including primary therapist for professional sports teams and consultant and lecturer for the NHS led her to the Nico Tailored Therapies vision: To tailor therapies to the individual's needs and natural resources, in order to maximize the unique vitality within every human being.

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Massage Therapy & Reflexology

90% of Clients Choose Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is the most popular treatment across all three of our London massage clinics. The therapy is particularly appropriate for individuals who suffer from: shoulder and neck pain- back pain - limited mobility – sports injuries - repetitive strain injury - posture problems - arthritis - fibromyalgia - muscle tension- stress- headaches-anxiety.

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Massage Therapy & Reflexology

Sports Massage Therapy

Whether you are a professional athlete, an amateur sportsperson or simply enthusiastic about fitness, a sports massage from Nico Tailored Therapies is an accessory as fundamental as running shoes to a sprinter or a racket to a tennis player.

It is important to remember that the most complex and fragile instrument in sports is your own body and that you must care for and maintain it above all else.

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Massage Therapy & Reflexology

How can aromatherapy help you?

Aromatherapy is an ancient holistic therapy that utilises the natural healing powers of plant compounds to promote various effects both upon the body and the mind. Because aromatherapists practice holistically, interacting with the self as one unified system, aromatherapy can provide symptomatic relief for a range of ailments. The antiseptic and curative properties of plants which have been well documented through the ages when applied by a skilled aromatherapist can help to heal wounds and reduce scarring; generally improve skin tone; stimulate the immune system and help to combat bacterial infections.

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Improve or Eliminate Your Fatigue and IBS Symptoms!

A build up toxins within the body can be a result of any number of environmental or physiological conditions but some things are for certain; such an accumulation of pollutants can make us feel depressed, fatigued, lower our immune systems and make us more susceptible to weight gain. The body’s first line of defence against toxins is the lymphatic system; a network of vessels and ducts responsible for channelling these unwanted substances out of the body.

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Lymphatic Massage

Your entire body is mapped out over your feet!

Reflexology is a complementary therapy that has helped hundreds of thousands of people the world over with persistent and varied health conditions and complaints. By manipulating the hands, ears and specifically the feet our skilled reflexologists can induce and deliberately harness the electrical impulses that control so many of the body’s natural functions. It can be an imbalance in these impulses that are the root cause of many common ailments from depression or behavioural problems to stress and even chronic muscular pain.

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Reflexology Therapy

Natural Lift Facial Massage for Health & Beauty!

When our clients leave us feeling content, rejuvenated and glowing with inner confidence, to us there is no more beautiful thing in the world.

It is refreshing to encounter a natural and uniquely soothing massage therapy treatment that not only helps to firm the skin and produce a radiant complexion but also improves your physical health in the process.

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Natural Facial Lift

Training with Nico

Whether you are a qualified practitioner looking to broaden and refine your methods or an enthusiastic novice; a personal training session with Nico could be ideal for you.

These highly productive engagements provide individuals with the opportunity to observe and practically apply some of the most important and useful complementary therapy techniques. If you have ever been intrigued by reflexology or the physiological applications of deep tissue massage or aromatherapy then a training session with Nico could help to unlock your potential!

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Training with Nico

Stellar After-Care Services

At Nico Tailored Therapies the treatment doesn’t stop when you leave our clinic because we’re not satisfied until you feel on top of the world. The complementary therapies we provide are supplemented with a dutiful and conscientious after-care service.

Our team of dedicated specialists appreciate that everyone is different which is why we promote an open dialogue with our clients. Your feedback is central to our business ethos and by actually listening to the opinions of the people who really matter, you, we can continue to grow and improve.

As a client you are never far from our thoughts, which is why we like to keep in touch following one of our massage therapy treatments or programs. On the 2nd day after the appointment we will contact you to ask how you are feeling and whether or not you have experienced any discernible improvements. It is important for us to know you have received a service that is professional, thoughtful and most of all that works. By interpreting your feedback we are also able to recommend further sessions or a tailored treatment plan if your condition requires it. Tell us in an open and informal way which therapies particularly worked for you, if you were satisfied with the quality of our service or even if you have a preferred therapist. Here your thoughts make all the difference...

Don’t just listen to us listen to our customers

  • Author Image Vicki

    I had quite a lot of liposuction done during March 2010 (after saving for about 20 years!) and afterwards I suffered with fluid retention quite badly. It made me groggy and really affected the way my body looked. My surgeon recommended lymphatic drainage massage and not knowing the first place to look I resorted to google - which found me Nico. I had 5 sessions with Nico - it was very light and although ached at times I know this was more to do with my internal healing than the actual massage. At the end I went back to see my surgeon. He was absolutely delighted with the results - the fluid lumpy bits had all but disappeared and my skin tone was a million times better. The sessions were also very useful for keeping up my motivation for exercise and healthy eating as Nico does the same and certainly focused my concentration on these areas!! Combining exercise, massage and eating properly, I have lost a total of 1st 4 pounds and 27cm from all over my body. If that's not worth a massage then I don't know what is!!!

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